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#76 - The week the circus came to town

The 'I Should Buy A Boat' meme, with the caption 'I Should Skip This SBF Trial And Look At Cat Pictures.'

(Image credit: imgfip “I Should Buy A Boat Cat” template.)

The latest act in the FTX ongoing circus, a little something I call “SBF Finally Gets His Day In Court,” is officially underway.

Not that you needed a reminder from me. The trial has dominated crypto coverage since it kicked off last week. Tough break for any company that’s unveiling a web3 product right now. But a stroke of luck for one that has to release bad news, I guess?

(Psst, Worldcoin: you should have waited a few weeks to come out of beta.)

All of this SBF trial talk is weird when you consider that nothing’s actually happened yet. Barring a real shocker of an incident (cue the “Surprise Witness Storms Into The Courtroom” routine) we’re months – if not years – from any kind of verdict.

So, me? I’ll wait till there’s something to say.

In the meantime, I’m going to look at some cat pictures. You’re welcome to do the same. I’ve Pet That Cat and Cat Cosplay get top marks.

The wrap-up

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