About Block & Mortar

What is this?

Welcome to Block & Mortar!

This newsletter is where I document my exploration of web3: blockchain, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and metaverse.

(Yes, I said “newsletter.” You’re welcome to read online, though you’ll probably prefer to subscribe to get new issues in your inbox as they’re released.)

Specifically, this is about exploring the intersection of web3 and business opportunities: how are companies using this new technology? What new capabilities does web3 provide? How does it improve their products or customer experience?

Who’s behind this?

I’m Q McCallum. I’ve spent the past two decades in the emerging-tech space, with more than half of that in the area we now call AI. (I was there when it was still called “predictive analytics” and “Big Data.”) My focus quickly shifted from the purely technical matters to the business considerations. And now I’m taking a similar journey with web3.

Credit where it’s due

Longtime friend and co-conspirator Scott Robbin played a key role in the origins of Block & Mortar. He also contributed to some of the earlier issues.

Shane Glynn, a friend with experience in the crypto space, reviews early newsletter drafts. (Any mistakes that remain are mine.)