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#62 - Just barely contributing to inbox overload

The Tintin 'what a week' meme, about e-mail inboxes.

(Image credit: imgflip’s “what a week” template)

For readers in America who are celebrating Independence Day today:

Most of you won’t check your e-mail till Wednesday (tomorrow). And you’ve been out of office since last Friday or even Thursday.

I’ll keep this newsletter light, then.

A quick news roundup

Looks like Do Kwon won’t be livin’ la vida house arrest, after all. (Bloomberg)

Google’s getting out of the AR goggles game. Sort of. (Insider)

Remember the Metabirkins case? Hermes won the first round in February. Now they’re adding “… and stay down!” as a chaser. (Reuters)

Not to be outdone by the UK, Canada gets in on the blockchain regulation game. (The Block)

This article has nothing to do with NFTs. But it’s a reminder that people use collectibles to express themselves and establish community. (Washington Post)

The wrap-up

This was an issue of Block & Mortar.

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