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#35 - But wait! One more thing …

Most of you are doing a quick inbox check between social gatherings, so there’s just one story in this week’s newsletter.

And it’s a big one:

Full st(r)eam ahead!

In newsletter #18, I ran a segment on my friends at Entertainmint:

They’re not just applying web3 technology to the world of indie streaming content; they’ve completely reimagined the space, bottom-up, through a web3 lens.


Specifically, Entertainmint provides tools for creators to raise funds and build community around their work. And they’ve just completed their first “show mint” to help Grace Ng turn her Crash Punks NFTs into an animated series.

The company has spent the last few months fundraising, building, and onboarding creators… all in the lead-up to their big announcement last week: the Entertainmint platform has fully launched!

Head over to their website to check out trailers for projects like Fairytale Fallout, Frenchie Ballers, and Run the Series. And when you’re done, refresh that page to check for new content. (No, seriously, I’d swear something else went up while I was clicking around.)

Watching the trailers is just the beginning. Come back in a few days – New Year’s Day, to be precise – to buy tickets to support these projects.

See you there!

The wrap-up

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